Who is Olivier Fleury

Who is Olivier Fleury ?

olivier fleuryAfter working for 10 years in graphic arts until 1995, he was first trained by Youth with A Mission (YWAM), then he attended two biblical institutes in Dallas, USA, and Sydney, Australia.

Since 1997, and for 13 years thereafter, Olivier was mandated by YWAM Switzerland, for promoting Alpha courses in the French speaking Switzerland.

The "Jesus Celebration 2033" vision was born in his heart in 1999. In March 2007, Olivier received a "Godly visitation" in Sydney, deeply touching his life.

Ever since that time, Olivier's work is centered on seeing the vision's fulfillment.

In 2008, Olivier became the new YWAM Executive Director for the French speaking Switzerland. In 2012, he became the director for YWAM Switzerland (250 full time staff members).

His great motivation is to spread the gospel all over the world and to experience church revival.