2033 Partners

Connect with JC2033 and senior leaders who are working towards 2033 initiatives at a national and international level.


2033 Global Communications Network

Vision: A renewal of unity among believers as we approach the 2000 th anniversary of the ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ that draws millions of new believers into a life of discipleship.
Our Purpose is to:
 Catalyze global initiatives commemorating the bimillennial of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus;
 Facilitate communications between those initiatives that connect believers across traditions;
 Provide mutual encouragement, looking for synergies that will increase the impact of those efforts.

We hope to:
1. Encourage engagement by more than 1000 leaders of major church, para-church, missions, academic, business, and government organizations for collaborative initiatives for the remembrance of the ministry and resurrection of Jesus before 2030.
2. Encourage plans for unifying celebrations of Easter 2033 connecting the body of Christ in every major city (> 2 million) in the world. Connect believers in every nation. Have 1 billion Christ followers participate in 2033 joyous remembrance events linking brethren of across traditions.
3. Encourage and support every Christian community to complete the reading of the Gospels in their language, reaching 2 billion Christians by Easter 2033.
4. Encourage the identification and pursuit of additional goals that advance the demonstration of unity in the global body of believers.
Our initial strategy is to make connections between Christian leaders and ministries that are developing initiatives motivated by the bimillennial, welcoming them to the Network to encourage sharing of their plans. We would also look for the best mechanisms for sharing and facilitating ongoing communications and collaborations.
The Network currently schedules quarterly Zoom meetings for ministry leaders and is actively inviting ministries to participate. The Network looks toward establishing annual gatherings to come together from around the globe to share plans and encourage collaborations.